I Like Big Dukes and I Cannot Lie is out!

I Like Big Dukes and I Cannot Lie is out!

September 18 2023

Did you know that the I Like Big Dukes and I Cannot Lie anthology is out now? And the ebook is currently a #1 bestselling title on Amazon in the Kindle store in 3 categories and a top 10 bestseller on Barnes&Noble? In this fab anthology you’ll get nineteen brand-new novellas from some of your favorite historical romance authors including my sizzling hot contribution, An Improper Duke! All this gorgeous duke-filled hotness is just one click away… And it’s still only 99c! Grab it here before the deal ends soon and the price goes up to $5.99! The anthology is also out in paperback!

Featuring stories by: Annabelle Anders, Amy Rose Bennett, Clair Brett, SCinders, Alyssa Clarke, Emmanuelle de Maupassant, Tamara Gill, Caroline Lee, Carrie Lomax, Beverley Oakley, Ebony Oaten, Eve Pendle, Sky Purington, Amy Quinton, Stacy Reid, Lily Reynard, Ellie St Clair, Mariah Stone, Laura Trentham.


From the delightfully debonair to the devilishly dangerous, these dashing dukes can’t help but command your attention. And let’s not forget the real stars here—the dazzling, damsel-not-in-distress heroines who don’t need a title to rule. These are ladies of wit, grit, and not a little bit of mischief. Every one of these novellas has a duke for its leading man. They’re haughty, they’re naughty, and they’ve got estates large enough to lose a spouse in. But beneath their stony aristocratic exteriors, beat hearts ready for passion… and the right touch of scandal.

Dive into the pages of “I Like Big Dukes and I Cannot Lie,” where the tea is strong, the dukes are stronger, and the heroines are an irresistible force of nature. After all, you know what they say— the duke-ier, the merrier!

More about Amy Rose Bennett’s AN IMPROPER DUKE…

Having an affair with a heart-stoppingly handsome, much younger duke is all kinds of improper…but when he’s also your stepson’s best friend, it’s positively scandalous.

Bookish Celia Wyndham, the widowed Lady Ashdown, has been half in love—and shockingly in lust—with her stepson’s best friend, Hugo Dehavilland, the very eligible Duke of Tremayne for the longest time. When Hugo attends a week-long house party at Ashdown Hall—and then accidentally discovers he’s the object of the viscountess’s erotic fantasies—he suggests they embark on a passionate affair…a wicked proposition that Celia simply cannot refuse.